[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Apr 14 01:42:23 CDT 2016

praNAms Sri Chadramouli prabhuji

It is very unfortunate that you should have chosen to cite ( to quote you )  " Sri SSS, Prof SKR Rao and other eminent  and devoted scholars " in support of your contention just with such flimsy and meaningless references. You should have avoided this.

Ø   Flimsy and meaningless references!!??  What do you mean by that prabhuji?? I was referring to Prof. SKR’s discourse, in his own voice,  wherein he explicitly said what is ‘vedAnta maryAda’ in Advaita and asked his listeners to quote this to those who passionately holding ‘jaganmithyatva’ close to their chest without understanding the mithyatva part in Advaita.  I have given this reference just because you asked for it!! And now you are telling this reference is meaningless and flimsy.  Do you think clarification with regard to this in his own voice is flimsy and meaningless that too when you yourself asking for the references from Sri SKR??  What else would make you to take a reference meaningful and strong??  Even if I quote Sri SSS also, now I am sure it would meet the same fate.  By the way please note I have not categorically said whatever I said is there in Sri SSS works, I only said :  eminent scholars like Sri SKR and others are also of the same opinion who are not a good friend of Sri SSS at any stretch of imagination.  You are unnecessarily dragging Sri SSS name also in this discussion when I specifically not to bring the name of Sri SSS in this discussion.  Anyway, since you are asking for it, for your records, please see in one of the mails I have written what is jagan mithya according to Sri SSS, taking the reference from the monthly magazine adhyAtma prakAsha wherein Sri SSS himself written what is jagat according to the jnAni.  But I am afraid whether this article by Sri SSS is meaningful or flimsy according to you.

There is no harm in presenting your contention  as your personal views.

Ø   My dear prabhuji, this is getting too much I am afraid ☺ …Anyway, let me make it once again clear that ‘it is not a new born baby’ or completely  my own personal views.  According to me I have the strong reference in shruti and  shankara bhAshya to the jagat svarUpa as brahman unlike others who always want to see jagat mithyatva.

Even now I strongly suggest you withdraw this citation to minimize the damage done.

Ø   IMHO, it is always better to avoid sitting on the judgmental seat when the discussion is open from both sides ☺ I have only called / asked for constructive feedback with regard to this  and I have not asked anyone to pronounce their  ‘judgement’ on my views  on this topic ☺

I have no personal animosity with you on this subject.

Ø  Me too…And don’t know why you prabhuji-s are taking strain to clarify this to me ☺ am I getting personal anywhere??  In fact I am avoiding replying off/on the board personally attacking mails, avoiding bringing any particular name / references (other than bhAshyakAra)  just to keep this discussion more objective and analytical.

But we certainly need to be more responsible in our posts.

Ø     Yes, I agreed without closed mind set in the name of tradition or traditional stand, we have to be openly more responsible and more rational when dealing with the topics like this.

praNAms onceagain prabhuji
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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