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> Do you think there are 28 days in February and 31 days in August because
of "Science"?

Yes, sir. Whether it is adhikamasa or kshayamasa or 28 or 29 days in
February are done for purpose of adjusting our calender  to the accurate
length of the year which Astronomical science determines  with
progressively increasing accuracy.

>But a tithi or rashi is cultural.

Tithi is the visible fraction of the orb of the moon. This can be
calculated only with careful deduction of the motions of the moon and earth
from observation.

There are two types of Rasis in vogue. Sayana and Nirayana. Sayana Rasis
are counted from vernal equinox as the start of Mesha rasi deviding Zodiac
into 12 equal parts. This needs observation.

Nirayana rasis used by astrologers are supposed to start with star group
called Ashwani. I do not know  whether they take the first of the two
bright stars as the first point of mesha or the the first point of the
castellation Mesha (consisting of multiple stars) as the first point.
Either way observation is needed.


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> On Thu, 14 Apr 2016, H S Chandramouli wrote:
> Please clarify. By drksiddha are you referring to DrikGanitha or
>> something else ??
> Yes. Drksiddha or khagolasiddha refers to the method of ganita used.
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