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I am not advocating sayana system. Use nirayana system taking into
consideration correct or mutually agreed ayanamsa depending upon
what you consider the Aries 0. It is meaningless to use a panchanga which
uses one ayanamsa for eclipses and another for tithis.


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> >Be it so. What prevents us from adopting scientific calculations which
> give
> >us accurate observable positions in sayana  or one of the nirayana
> >rasi chakras.
> If ayanAmsha and hence nirayana system gives arbitrary positions of planets
> even when used with modern astronomical methods, what good does it do us?
> On the other hand, if you advocate sAyana system where there is no
> ayanAmsha involved, you run into another set of problems. The sAyana system
> is off, actually earlier, by a month usually, when you derive dates of
> festivals and observances. For example, Shri Rama Navami which happens to
> be observed tomorrow, was already "celebrated" a month ago (March 16th), by
> the followers of sAyana panchanga. Now, how many maThas are ready for this
> drastic change in dates of observances and festivals? We are not talking
> about possibility of a day's difference as in the case of sUrya siddhAnta
> vs driggaNita, but a month's difference! Think about it.
> Anand
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