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PraNAms to all

Every year during the Memorial Day week end, Chinmaya Mission Washington Regional Center organizes a two-day spiritual camp, where we take a small Vedantic text that can be completed in the two days. Most of the previous camp discourses are available on yu-tube under Acharya Sadaji, thanks to Advaita Academy which webcasts and also puts it on yu-tube. In the last few camps we have been taking parts of Brihadarnyaka Upanishad and during the last year we have completed the Upanishad taking the last chapter of the Munikhanda. This year we will have a different format as discussed by the Announcement below:

In view of the Centennial year – we will be having a special Memorial Day camp this year. Instead of taking a Vedantic text, we will have intense Sadhana-Oriented one-day camp. The camp will be at Chinmaya Mission, Washington Regional Center. Those who want this type of one-day camp can contact Acharya Sadananda.  

Memorial Day Camp 
Spiritual Awakening and Meditation
May 28, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, conducted by Acharya Sadananda
at Chinmayam, MD 

Longing for everlasting happiness seems to be the fundamental pursuit for all human beings. Experience shows that none can achieve this by any pursuit, nor one can give up the pursuit for happiness. This forms the essence of human suffering, life after life. Vedanta says that the problem can only be solved by AWAKENING to one's SPIRITUAL nature. To accomplish this is the goal of the camp. It requires clear understanding the goal, the means and commitment to solve the problem. It involves preparing the mind for SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, understanding one's real nature and abidance in that understanding. 

Meditation as a means to accomplish this will be explored.

Registration is limited to those who want to realize in this life. This is a meditative camp - as it involves meditation before, during and after - realization - what to meditate and how to meditate while one is involved in the activities of the world – We will dwell on the essence of karma-upaasana yoga,  jnaana yoga,  and then jnaana nishTa,  in terms of how to overcome the obstacles for abiding in the Self-knowledge.

The camp provides the guide lines for life-long commitment for one's Spiritual Awakening.

We are echoing the Screaming of the Vedic sages: 

SRinvantu vishve amRitasya putraaH .. .............na anya pantha vidyate ayanaaya| 

Listen to you all .. Oh! Sons of Immortality! (Immortality is our birth right says the sage and to recognize that there is no other path other than listening to the scriptures) 

UttishTa Jagrata! -Arise! Awake! to your Real Nature! - says Kathopanishat. 

Attend the Memorial Day Camp! - says Chinmaya Mission. 

Hari Om!

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