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Sri Jaladharji and Sri Annadji,

My main point is whatever the panchanga calculates must leads to an fairly
accurate observation predicted by the calculation , be it the time of
eclipse or phase of moon or the position of a graha. Only such panchangam
is useful and can be called scientific panchangam. If it fails in such job
it is of no use.


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> >I am not advocating sayana system. Use nirayana system taking into
> >consideration correct or mutually agreed ayanamsa depending upon
> >what you consider the Aries 0. It is meaningless to use a panchanga which
> >uses one ayanamsa for eclipses and another for tithis.
> The proponents of the Sayana system question the very basic assumption made
> by the Nirayana followers - is Nirayana system really driksiddha or
> driktulya(equivalent to observation)? The very use of *any* (nonzero)
>  ayanAshma means that the spring and vernal equinoxes are not the actual
> spring and vernal equinoxes anymore. For example, the spring equinox should
> be really March 20 or March 21, but as per the Nirayana panchanga it would
> be around April 14. The Sayana followers ask what is the meaning of Spring
> (or vernal) equinox? The duration of day and night should be the same all
> over the world. This condition (driktulya) is not satisfied by April 14,
> the date arrived at by Nirayana system, but it is satisfied by the Sayana
> system. In a similar way, the winter solstice is when the duration of the
> day is shortest in the Northern Hemisphere. This occurs on Dec 20 or Dec 21
> according to the Sayana system, and Jan 14 or Jan 15 according to the
> Nirayana System, which is called the Makara Sankranti. Again, Jan 14 or Jan
> 15 is not the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere, so it is not
> driktulya.
> Anand
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