[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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Wed Apr 20 07:25:16 CDT 2016

praNAms Sri Vishy prabhuji
Hare Krishna

but still I feel some thing very important is missing!!!

>  I don’t think from my side it is a missing point!! As I have been insisting what is avidyA kalpita in this brahmamAnasa pratyaya jagat.  The mithya point which you highlighted below has been talked by me in my various responses but unfortunately failed to get any recognition from other prabhuji-s :-)

What is understood due to little bit  'reading/ discussions and contemplation' is:
Surely everything is Brahman including this Jagat and hence even this Jagatis very much real.What is Maya or illusion is this  basic thought " I "  which  makes you feel you are differentfrom others (the jagat) and makes you believe that you are the 'doer and enjoyer'.

>  yes, this is what basically avidyA kalpita.  Avivekti thinks that he is compressed in his upAdhi (BMI) and he is doer and enjoyer of other things in the external world.  The jneya of this mithyA jnana of aviveki is his external world.  

Because of this "I" , the feeling  'mine' and all desires and fears leading to all sufferings. So this 'I' ( mere a thought) is the basic illusion  which is cause for the wholelots of illusions.

>  yes, prabhuji, exactly.  

Now, take the example of discussions that took place of self on dog's shit....Here too this 'I' is the one who is trying to differentiate  between twowhen the these two are just part of the same whole.

>  Yes, it is because of this shruti says satyanchAnrutaNcha satyama bhavat, yadidaM kiMcha....vidyAvinaya saMpanne...shunichaiva svapAkecha paNditAH samadarshinaH.  Dog's excreta is 'heena' 'tuccha' according to the 'I' which wrongly thinks that it has only the human BMI and failed to recognize the 'I' s in that dog's excreta in the form of 'krimi' (bacteria)  for which the excreta is the Ashraya and apyAyamAna.  The gutter is tuccha, heena for the 'I' of human BMI whereas for the 'I' of Pig the same gutter is sooting & cool swimming pool :-) Those who donot know the upAdhi bheda in vyavahAra can raise the objections like this.  Better to be ignored.  

I tried explaining my little understanding, pl bear with me....
Even here it should have been this 'BMI' in place of 'I' but to bepractical 'I' couldn't be avoided

>  Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us prabhuji.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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