[Advaita-l] 28 oblations (28 आहुति)

Durga Prasad Janaswamy janaswami at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 00:17:13 CDT 2016

Hari Om,

28 oblations  (28 आहुति)

I believe Bhagawan Sankaracharya composed 28 oblations which run as under:

avidyA juhomi swahA
अविद्या जुहोमि स्वहा

ahaMtaa  juhomi swahA
अहंता  जुहोमि स्वहा

asmitaaM juhomi swahA
अस्मितां जुहोमि स्वहा

raaga juhomi swahA
राग जुहोमि स्वहा

dweShaM juhomi swahA
द्वेषं जुहोमि स्वहा

abhiniveShaM juhomi swahA
अभिनिवेषं जुहोमि स्वहा

Appreciate if full list of 28 oblations is provided.

Any details about 28 oblations like why, how, what etc.

Thank you and regards
-- Durga Prasad

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