[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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praNAms Sri Venkatesh Murthy prabhuji
Hare Krishna

There is a lot of confusion because of this Sabdajaala you have created below and I am getting trapped in it. 

>  I am sorry for that.  IMHO, these shabdajAla-s are required to understand the jagat svarUpa step by step, at what stage and in what sense the jagat is mithyA and at what stage we look at the jagat / mAya and wonder it as anirvachaneeya and finally how a jnAni look at jagat as 'abhinna' from him.  

But I have one question.
After Samyak Jnana will the Jnani see Brahman and Jagat both because Jagat is also Satya? If he is seeing both there will not be Advaita but Dvaita because there will be two Satyas Brahman and Jagat.

>  had you read all of my mails in this thread you would have not asked this question I think.  Anyway, let me once again clarify that there will be no dvaita darshana for the jnAni like this is jagat and brahman is aloof from it and I am the witness of mithya jagat and satya brahman.  It will be ekamevAdviteeya satya darshana and not like I am sAkshi who is satya witnessing the 'mithyA' jagat.  

Therefore it is correct to say after Samyak Jnana there will be not two things Brahman and Jagat but only Brahman.

>  yes, there will be not two things like 'mithyA jagat' and satya brahman, what he sees is only brahman nothing else.  But the 'seeing' here needs to be understood in its proper context.  Seeing here is not like 'vishaya' jnana (objective knowledge) it is svarUpa jnana.  

You may say Jagat and Brahman are same. There are not two. If they are same we are fighting for names. If you agree there is only One thing after Jnana you can call it as Brahman or Jagat it will not matter.

> for the ajnAni the external jagat is abrahma and asarvaM, this is ayatArtha jnana of the ajnAni about jagat or mithyAjnAna or avidyAkalpita,  whereas for the brahma jnAni this bAhya lOka is not Atma vyatireka it is brahman and sarvaM only.  This is what shankara clarifies in sUtra bhAshya.   

But you must agree that One thing will not have Parts and Bheda.

> bheda buddhi is avidyA kalpita which will go after the dawn of jnana whereas for the bhedAkAra (kArya) kAraNa is the upAdAna and nimitta.  Hence shankara says : kAryamAkAshAdikaM bahu prapanchaM jagat, kAraNaM paraM brahma, tasmAt kAraNAt paramArthatO ananyatvaM, vyatirekeNa abhAvaH kAryasya.  A loukika would have the parichinna drushti in ornaments whereas for the jnAni what is there is only gold though there exists gold in kAryAkAra.  For his kAryAkAra gold NOT mithyA, it is satyameva in its causal form.  

Because that is not Advaita. It is One Homogeneous quantity. Call it Brahman or what you want.

>  Of course you know all these discussions carried out just to drive home the point which I have quoted in my previous mail  : ananyatvepi kAryakAraNayOH kAryasya kAraNAtmatvaM NA TU KAARANASYA KAARYAATMATVAM.  The ornament in its nAma & rUpa gold only but in gold there is no vyavahAra / vikAra of nAma rUpa.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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