[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva as the son of Brahma

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True, very true. praNAm-s

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> HINDU DHARMA The Universal Way of Life
> Chapter 10 The One as Many
> "If we were divided into two schools, the one insisting that the Saiva
> Puranas alone are authoritative among the Puranas and the other claiming
> that only the Vaisnava Puranas are to be relied upon, we would keep
> quarelling without ever being able to take a clear and dispassionate view
> of things. "The Truth is One. The wise speak of it by different names".
> There is no greater authority for us than this Vedic pronouncement. So all
> of us, without making any distinction between the Saiva and Vaisnaiva
> systems, must listen to the stories of all deities and be rewarded with
> freedom from worldly existence."
> In this chapter, a more complete exposition is given on this.
> Isn't it easier and more appropriate to take guidance from
> पर्मपरा/सम्प्रदाय as we try to understand शंकरचार्य's work?
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> Sanju

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