[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva as the son of Brahma

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> //In fact in the VR itself, when Rama fought elsewhere, the comparison
> is: Rama fought like Rudra.//
> Let us look at the Valmiki Ramayana itself to see what Valmiki thinks
> of Shiva and Vishnu -

Valmiki alone compares Rama's valour as being like that of Rudra. The
'battle' that the VR reports is only staged, as it is subject to the Drona
parvan incident.

In fact there is a report in the MB that Shiva is the one who, in the form
of Hanuman that committed himself to the loving service of Rama.


> जृम्भितम् तत् धनुः दृष्ट्वा शैवम् विष्णु पराक्रमैः || १-७५-१९
> अधिकम् मेनिरे विष्णुम् देवाः स ऋषि गणाः तदा |
> ["On seeing the bow of Shiva rendered inert by the mettlesomeness of
> Vishnu, from then on the gods along with the assemblages of sages
> deemed Vishnu to be the paramount... [1-75-19b, 20a]
> Secondly, these are the words of Hanuman in the Ramayana, Sundara Kanda -
> ब्रह्म स्वयमुभूश्च तुराननो वा |
> रुद्रस्त्रिणेत्रस्त्रिपुरान्तको वा |
> इन्द्रो महेन्द्रः सुरनायको वा |
> त्रातुम् न शक्ता युधि रामवध्यम् || ५-५१-४५
> ["Either Brahma the self-existing god with four faces or Rudra with
> three eyes and the destroyer of Tripura (the city built of gold,
> silver and iron in the sky, air and earth, by Maya for the demons and
> burnt by Shiva), or Mahendra the god of atmosphere and sky as also the
> lord of celestials would not be able to protect the one to be killed
> by Rama in battle."]

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