[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva as the son of Brahma

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Why speculate? From Shankara केन वाक्य भाष्य for the 12 th mantra:

अभिप्रायोद्बोधहेतुत्वात् *रुद्रपत्नी उमा* हैमवतीव बहु शोभमाना विद्यैव

>From केन पद भाष्य:

उमैव हिमवतो दुहिता *हैमवती नित्यमेव सर्वज्ञेनेश्वरेण सह वर्तत* इति

What else is there to say?


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> On Sun, Aug 14, 2016 at 11:49 AM, D Gayatri <dgayatrinov10 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > If Shankara had Shiva in mind, he would have said so explicitly. But
> > Shankara does not bring in Shiva anywhere, and to bring in Shiva based on
> > presence of Uma, is nothing but speculation.
> The term 'Ishvara' is quite popular only with Shiva. Even in the MB this
> name occurs for Shiva alone. Also, anyone with a basic exposure to our
> scriptures will know without tutoring that it is with Shiva that Uma
> resides eternally.  No one need to speculate on this.
> > And Shankara himself does not consider Shiva to be Brahman because in BU
> > 1.4.11, he considers Shiva as created. And he authenticates the portions
> of
> > the Mahabharata where Shiva is treated as son of brahma. Thus, there is
> no
> > way Shankara would consider Shiva as Brahman.
> Shankara considers Shiva as Brahman in the Prshnopanishat bhashya.  It is
> no speculation there. He clearly says, even when the mantra is silent that
> it is as Rudra Brahman annihilates and as sowmya  (vishn) protects. Anyone
> with basic exposure knows that the trimurtis have specific functions.
> Further, on your own logic, since the Br.up.1.4.11 is about the 'creation '
> of the stated deities and etc. ityevamādīni as Shankara agrees, and also
> with the prasiddhi that Shankara talks of, the creation of Vishnu is
> authenticated by Shankara, even if Shankara expressly does not say so (just
> as you held that even if Shankara expressly does not cite the verse, by
> just citing some portions of that section, he authenticates the entire
> section)   as Shankara's prasiddhi is very well known for those who have
> done the Krishna yajur veda adhyayana.
> Also, since you have cited from the bloggers approvingly, by your own
> logic, you authenticate, following them, the VSN bhashya as that of
> Shankara. There Shankara holds, on the Shiva purana pramana, that Rudra,
> Shiva, is the Supreme Cause. Thereby Shankara authenticates that purana.
> Also, in that bhashya Shankara, for the name 'soma' alternatively gives:
> with Umā, Shiva. It is exactly this way that Shankara refers to her in the
> Kenopanishat bhashya. So, by your own logic, Rudra is Brahman according to
> Shankara.
> Since the bloggers approvingly cite Madhva, they also authenticate the
> Shiva sahasra nama as genuine, following Madhvas.
> Finally, you will never be able to prove that Rudra in the pranshna bhashya
> is any other than Shiva.
> vs   .
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