[Advaita-l] A Vishnu stuti authenticated by Shankara bhagavatpAda

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Gayatri ji, I have a few questions. Please can you answer them.

According to you, is Brahman a person?

If viShNu is praised, then does it mean Siva is naturally denigrated?

According to you, who is Brahman as per Adi Sankara. When bhagavadpAda says
nArAyaNa, is it a person or is it nirAkAra tatva i.e. nArAyaNa tatva?

Do you consider viShNu sahasranAma bhAshya as genuinely written by Adi
Sankara himself?

What is your opinion about Siva sahasranAma present in mahAbhArata?

How do you judge if any upanishad or in general any verse is an

Do you consider anything that is not quoted as an interpolation or possible
interpolation and it is a weak proof?

Lastly, do you adhere to or are inclined to any philosophy like dvaita,
advaita, etc or are you studying scriptures with analytical approach?

Lastly, do you meditate? if yes, then how and on what? I know that you may
ask it is not necessary and irrelevant question to ask, as you are merely
pointing out what you have read and to read and understand, there is no
need to meditate. However, meditation makes one's mind subtle and broadens
understanding. shAstra-s and words of bhagavadapAda are not just dry
philosophy, but experiences. Saints speak from direct experience and the
very point of scriptures is to raise our consciousness to th highest level
and be free from birth and death i.e. achieve moksha.

I know that some questions may be private and you may not wish to answer. I
will respect your privacy. Hence it is left upto you to answer these

Hari OM

2016-08-14 18:29 GMT+05:30 D Gayatri via Advaita-l <
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> Namaste
> Here, I will present another Vishnu stuthi in the Mahabharata that is
> authenticated by Shankara bhagavatpAda himself (and I am not talking
> of BG here). In this stuti, Vishnu is again praised as the vedAntic
> brahman and Shankara authenticates this in his BSB.
> The topic in BSB is that in the chhandogya upanishad, Vaisvanara
> should be taken to mean brahman and no other mundane meaning should be
> attached to it. Shankara gives some reasons why this should be so and
> in BSB 1.2.25, Shankara quotes the Mahabharata again -
> ‚Äč<message clipped>

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