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.. and as mind becomes pure, it can no more indulge into denigration of any
deity. sattva guNa does not allow us to think destructively.


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> Namaste Raghava ji
> || OM ShI rAmachandrAya namaH ||
> Please do not consider chanting auspicious name of SrI hari or SrI Siva as
> an insult to Brahman. They are indeed Brahman, but have manifested for sake
> of us in a form by using mAyA. IMHO advaita does not ask one to drop
> everything from day one. yoga, karma KANDa, chanting holy names of SrI
> hari, etc are equally important. However advaita maintains that having
> darshan of any form of Ishvara is not the final destination.
> The journey of a bhakta and advaitin has many common points. Both have to
> change their presupposed opinion about jagat. Do dosha darshan and must
> have burning desire for liberation. bhakta has intense desire for darshan
> of IshTa devatA. Mind needs any vishaya i.e. object to think about, to
> visualize, to focus upon. Mind cannot stay without any vishaya. Either mind
> longs or clings to worldly objects or with Ishvara. Staying immersed in
> lIlA-s (Leela) of bhagavAna, will help remove all worldly thoughts, and
> their attachments in mind. Mind can either think of samsAra or Ishvara.
> When it thinks or contemplates on any form or one absolute Brahman, in
> either case, one forgets oneself as a separate identity. The attraction of
> a bhakta towards Ishvara is so intense that it can no longer bear
> separation from beloved Ishvara. Finally Ishvara gives darshan. Since
> samsAra is already been uprooted from the mind of bhakta, it is very easy
> for such pure mind to enter into nirvikalpa samAdhi. Since bhakta is
> unconditionally surrendered to IshTa devatA, bhagavAn will himself take his
> devotee to the highest plane of consciousness and abide him/her into his
> formless nirguNa aspect. bhakta has not to do anything. It is by the grace
> of Ishvara that bhakta either finds a guru or Ishvara himself abides him to
> non-dual state.
> In case of an advaitin, one has to stay focused on the goal of abiding in
> one's true nature. But since one is not aware of it i.e. does not
> experiences himself as Brahman, one has to accept duality and must
> surrender to a higher authority i.e. Brahman with abheda bhAvanA. Though
> one often talks about merging, uniting, etc with Brahman, in reality, one
> simply negates non-self and finally the 'I' is left alone. This 'I' is none
> other than supreme Self - Brahman. Wise say, knower of Atman is Atman
> itself.
> When one has to shift from sAkAra to nirAkAra bhakti, certain statements
> like form is finite, etc are made so that one can cross the ocean of mAyA.
> Just like vedic rites and rituals are important and bring inner purity, but
> still upon reaching certain purity are to be dropped, so also a smArta or a
> bhakta has to drop sAkAra upAsanA and proceed ahead to contemplate on
> absolute Brahman.
> My own journey was from Asana + prANAyama (to get good marks in exam :) )
> --> Asana + prANAyama + KuNDalini yoga --> kuNDalini yoga + rAma nAma japa
> (and hanumAna bhakti and japa) --> rAma bhakti --> OM chanting
> Be it worshiping or doing japa of any form of Ishvara or be it
> contemplation on nirguNa Brahman, in either case, losing one's individual
> identity and merging in Brahman and staying in peace is what is important
> says Sri Ramana Maharshi.
> IMO, shAstra-s are to be diligently studied until one has attained dhyeya
> siddhi. One is very near to Brahman and has no interest in samsAra. viveka
> and strong vairAgya are very important along with mumukshutva. More the
> vairAgya, less are problems in our spiritual progress.
> Hence one must study shAstra- with the intention of them giving us
> clarity, establishing mithyAtva of samsAra, destroying jIva-shRSTi and
> progress in meditation. If one can easily contemplate on Brahman without
> must interference of thoughts or power of thoughts is fickle, not strong
> enough to push mantra or neti-neti aside and take center stage and drag our
> mind into it, then one is progressing. As one progresses, quality of
> meditation increases and the blank state is experienced, initially for
> fraction of seconds, then the time frame increases. Also the sleep hours
> decreases, we one does not dream, afterall why mind thinks of that which is
> not real? Mind is at peace with no impulse to do anything for society or
> get involved in anything that is not necessary.
> OM
> Sujal

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