[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva as the son of Brahma

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> There is no indication in the BG, that the Vishwaroopa has anything to
> do with Rudra. Yes, Rudra is sometimes treated as the deity of
> destruction, there is no doubt about that. And Brahma is treated as
> the deity of creation. There is no doubt about that too. But the
> Mahabharata itself says that both these deities are nimitta mAtras at
> the will of Aniruddha, who is Vishnu. And both are born from Narayana.
> And Narayana is the one who is praised by all vedas.

Above position is quite valid and quite vEdic.

We have shruti pramANa for that -- Rig vEda 7.40.5 is quite clear on this
topic when it says ;

asya devasya mILhuSo vayA viSNoreSasya
prabhRthe havirbhiH vide hi rudro rudriyaM mahitvaM yAsiSTaM

It clearly establishes the fact that Rudra's power is due to Vishnu. Please
note interesting part here that shruti uses "vishNu" shabda and not
nArayaNa shabda. This refutes other member's argument that Narayana is
different from "Vishnu" and trimUrthi's power is from nAryaNa.


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