[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva as the son of Brahma

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> Namaste
> This whole discussion started with authentic critical edition of
> Mahabharata. Here I will show a Critical Edition is Impossible. Every
> Mahabharata version is corrupt including Critical Edition. Therefore
> your argument based on
> authentic Mahabharata as Critical Edition published in modern India is
> wrong.
> Why? Because in Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya the great Madhvacharya has
> said
> grantho.apyevaM viluLitaH kimvartho devadurgamaH | kalAvevaM vyAkulite
> nirNayAya prachoditaH || 2.5  hariNA nirNayAn vachmi
> vijAna.nstatprasAdataH  || 2.6
> shAstrAntarANi saJNjAnan vedAMshchAsya prasAdataH |  deshe deshe tathA
> granthAn dR^ishhTvA chaiva pR^ithagvidhAn || 2.7
> 5 - 7. When the original work itself is so altered, What is there to
> say of its meaning which is intelligible (even) to the Devas only with
> difficulty.  When the work had thus become altered in the Kali age,
> under the direction of Hari for its clear understanding, I shall state
> the settled truths having known them through His grace, and also
> having well known the other (extinct) works and all the Vedas through
> His grace, and also having examined the various editions existing in
> several places.
I am wondering how is this Acharya Madhva's position (in his MBTN)
considered valid by you while all other Dvaitic position by the same
Acharya is not considered as valid?

By your own logic, isn't it a case of kutarka by you?


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