[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva as the son of Brahma

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Vishnu as vyApanashila is not something new that bhagavatpAda has
introduced. It is mentioned in yaska's nirukta and the idea has origins in
the Rig veda itself.

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> > If Siva, Vishnu and Narayana are all only Concepts but not Gods there
> > is no harm to Advaita. If they are particular Gods they must be
> > Vyavaharika only and not real. Because Brahman is not a particular God
> > like in Dvaita,
> >
> This is true. For non-advaitic schools, they must somehow save their God to
> see that he is the highest.  For advaita, god, if a person, is anātmā.
> abrahma.  In the bhashya, there are two instances where Vishnu is shown as
> vyāpanashila, etymologically. One instance where Vishnu is mentioned, along
> with Ishwara, Indra, Prana, is in Kenopanishat, where it is a deity and
> Shankara says it is anātmā, abrahma.
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