[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva

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Wed Aug 17 12:45:12 CDT 2016

Well, if you want to believe that chanting Rudram leads to immortality,
then feel free to believe it. Some of my elders have been chanting rudram
right from their childhood. They are old now and still chant rudram. I
respect them but objectively speaking, I am yet to see them become
immortal. The position of bhagavatpAda is clear. Only jnAna leads to

As for Shankara's position on Shiva's birth from brahman, I have already
quoted the BU 1.4.11. That leads to the natural conclusion that Shankara
accepted only Vishnu as Brahman.

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> D Gayatri dgayatrinov10 at gmail.com wrote:
> > > 1) Sankara quotes the Jabala Upanishad in his commentaries, which says
> that recitation of Rudram leads to Moksha!
> >
> > Only jnAna leads to Moksha.
> Come on, don't act too naive! It has always been your contention that
> "Sankara only accepts Vishnu as the Supreme
> in his commentaries" right from the beginning! The problem with that
> allegation is that Sankara quotes from the
> Jabala Upanishad which evidently praises the Rudram as THE mantra for
> attaining immortality!
> Cheers,
> Kartik
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