[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva

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The third verse of the VSN किं जपन् मुच्यते चन्तुः जन्मसंसारबन्धनात्

is commented by Shankara: किं जप्यं जपन् उच्चोपांशुमानसलक्षणं जपं

>From this we can say that such a japa brings about the necessary chitta
shuddhi and further lead to jnana sadhana and then moksha.

Also, it is not anyone's individual claim that the chanting of the  Rudram
leads to moksha; it is the reply of Yajnavalkya in the Jabala upanishad
that Shankara quotes from.

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> Err...chanting the rudram for instance...
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