[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva

D Gayatri dgayatrinov10 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 07:44:29 CDT 2016

> Shankara's work is not confined to BSB. You are merely superimposing your
> personal views on Shankara by alleging what he has not said at all.

I am not superimposing anything. I am just quoting the bhAshyas as
they are. The implications are natural.

>> >
>> > Shankara has implicitly mentioned it in his 'ityevamādīni.'
>> So what? He says Vishnu is supreme at multiple places. So Vishnu is
>> not a created entity.
> In that Br.up 1.4.11 Shankara implies that he is a created entity.

This argument, Shankara himself discredits.

> Supreme epithet for Vishnu is for the vyāpanaśīla Nirguna Brahman. That is
> what he says in the Kathopanishad where the attainment of NB is the context.

We will come to this shortly.

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