[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva

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> > For Shankara,if Vishnu, or any deity is formed, it is anātmā and abrahma.
> > He has clarified this in the kenopanishat bhashya. The criterion is: if
> the
> > deity is upāsya, as 'he is different and I am different', it is anātmā.
> > Why? The aspirant cannot identify with that deity as 'I am this'. If the
> > deity is 'this' then it is anātma. So, only the nirguna chaitanyam is
> atma,
> > brahma, according to Shankara.
> Ishwara is not Anatma. Nor is jIva Anatma. They are both the Atman
> with different sets of upadhis. Shankara clarifies this in his BU
> bhAshya. Otherwise he would never have said that Narayana is
> paramatman in his BSB.

That Narayana is NB for Shankara. That is why he is citing more NB specific
verses along with that verse.

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