[Advaita-l] Rudra creates Brahmā and Viṣṇu

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> > All your arguments and quotes are very inconsistent with the advaita
> principle.
> So you think the works that I quoted do not belong to Shankara or
> Vyasa? Does the BSB not belong to Shankara? Does the Mbh not belong to
> Vyasa?
> > When it suits you, you invoke oneness of deities, and when it does not,
> you invoke supremacy of your deity (apparently Vishnu).
> To my knowledge, I never invoked oneness of deities.

You did when you argued with me. Isn't it advaita's main tenet that
chid-chid aikya? whether it is between Vishnu & Shiva, or Vishnu & Jiva, or
between Shiva & Jiva ?

My argument for both the parties is that -- even though Shankara seems to
quote Vishnu sarvottamattvaM in his works, given advaitic doctorine of
chin-mAtra aikya, you do not have any hEtu to argue for Vishnu supremacy.
Do not tell me Mbh and other shrutis has Vishnu sarvottamatvam as mukhya
tAtparya, but they do not have chin-mAtra-aikya as theit stand either.

For other member who says Shiva sarvottamatvaM, also do not have any hEtu
in arguing given that he also subscribe to chin-mAtra-aikya doctorine.

In reality, while arguments about Shiva sarvottamatvM is only for Shaivas
(who are not advaitins), where as Vishnu sarvottama argument is for
VaishNavas (who are also non-advaitins). This topic should not be an
argument among advaitins themselves.


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