[Advaita-l] Difference in the approaches of Madhwacharya and Shankaracharya

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To my knowledge Shankara does take the support of the Mahabharata and the
Manu Smriti to establish that Advaita is the purport of the non-vedic
scriptures too.


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> Well, there does not appear to be any valid reason at all  to use Apara
> vidya to explain Para-Vidya. The Upanishads constitute the Vedanta,i.e.,
> the highest knowledge and the Lord says in the  Chapter 15 of the Bhagavad
> Gita that he Himself is the source of the knowledge of the Vedanta. The
> explanation of the highest jnana by lower jnana may appear obvious to the
> Dvaitins but not to the advaitins including the greatest Advaitin, Adi
> Shankaracharya.
> As to the claim about Madhva's always citing specific texts, the
> Brahmatarka is the greatest obstacle for anybody outside the Madhva
> tradition to agree to that assertion. . Dr. B.N.K.Sharama himself admitted
> that Madhva quoted Brahmatarka 500 times, but nobody knows from where
> Madhva found the  Brahma tarka  and when during his life-time did the
> Brahmatarka vanish. Not even a single disciple of Madhva  had seen the
> Brahmatarka. That is the reason why Non-Madvhites are justified in not
> recognizing the Brahma-tarka.
> skb

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