[Advaita-l] Difference in the approaghes of Madhacharya and Shankaracharya

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> >
> > It may be so for advaitins. But for others they are going by the very
> > definition of 'Agama' as given by texts themselves and consider purANas
> as
> > quite valid in this context;
> >
> >
> > RigAdyA bhArataM chaiva paJNcharAtramathAkhilam.h |
> > mUlarAmAyaNaM chaiva purANaM chaitadAtmakam.h ||
> >
> > ye cha anuyAyinastveshhAM sarve te cha sadAgamAH |
> > durAgamastadanye ye tairna j~neyo janArdanaH ||
> >
> > (vEda-s starting from Rg, and the pancharAtra in their entirety, the mUla
> > rAmAyaNa in its entirety, and those purAaNa-s that follows the previous.
> > These, and others that follow these, are all sadAgamA-s; others are
> > durAgama-s, and from these janArdana (Brahman) is not known)
> This is big joke. Madhva is first saying Brahman is Vishnu alone with
> Kutarka. Then he is saying only Puranas glorifying Vishnu are
> Sadagamas. Others are Duragamas. There cannot be a bigger joke on
> Agamas than this.

Sir, above quoted verse (on sadAgama) is not Madhav's own, it is brahmANDa.
If you have any disagreement on it, please take it to Vyasa, who is also
guru for Shankara,

> There is no place for narrow mindedness in Advaita.
> Why not Siva gita? Why not Ganesha Gita? Sringeri Swamiji has written
> Bhashya on Siva Gita. According to Madhva the Sringeri Swamiji has
> written Bhashya on Duraagama. Another joke.
Where does above quote excludes Shiva Gita? It clearly says any "other"
works which closely follow above listed works, can be considered as

If Shiva Gita is also ekadAtmakaM with other texts listed, definitely it is
also be considered as 'sadAgama' (as per Vyasa). By accusing Madhva you are
implying Shiva Gita is not comply with other texts. It is indeed a joke you
are saying HH Swamji is writing on non-sadagma text


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