[Advaita-l] Happy Janmashtami - break a million smiles

balagopal ramakrishnan rbalpal at yahoo.co.in
Wed Aug 24 01:50:38 CDT 2016

On this day, many many centuries before BhagavAn showed HIMSELF up to us. This act in itself is the most KINDEST of any event ever.
Here are a few verses from his eternal Gita, that I feel might be a good idea to ring in the celebrations.
1. BG 2 / 64    -  'rAga......gachChati'
2. BG 12 / 13  -  'adveShTA ......sukhaH kShamI'
3. BG 17 / 15  -  'anudvegakara.n ......uchyate'
Practising the above three suggestions of BhagavAn we can break a million smiles on our lips and also on others with whom we interact.
NB: Not forgetting BhagavAn's incessant trumpeting - please do not demote me as 'ashtami Krishna'. (occasional violations has its own charm ! Stepping down from the high pedestal 'I' to a lower 'i' - a different kind of 'nandati nandati...' )

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