[Advaita-l] Athato Abrahma Jijnasa?

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> If we use logic of putting अ unnecessarily like in Atattvamasi in
> Chandogya Upanishad

अ refers to Brahman as per a Rg Vedic mantra. So, Madhvacharya used this in
his Kathopanishad bhashya for the word ‘अक्रतु:’ occurring in I.ii.20. He
conveyed that he who has Viṣṇu for his goal, sankalpa, kratuḥ, will
attain...[For Shankara, akratuḥ means he who has no worldly sankalpa,

By applying this meaning, the ‘a-tat tvam asi’ will be comprehended as:
‘विष्णुतत् त्वं असि’ – You are that 'Tat' which is non-different from
Vishnu. Or if one wants to take the vākya as 'atattvam asi', then it will
mean: 'You are Viṣṇutattvam.'

See also an article:



> and Anirgunasca in Svetashwatara Upanishad we get
> Athato Abrahma Jijnasa. What is Abrahma? It is Not Brahma. It may be
> Prakruti like the Sankhyas say. Then the whole Vedanta becomes not
> explanation of Brahman but some other cause of world like Pradhana or
> Prakruti. It gives a wrong conclusion.
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