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Note about Blivamangala Leelasuka – He was believed to be around 11th century, born to pious couple Damodara and Neeladevi.  It is claimed he is from Andhra, from the shores of Krishna River. Some claim that he may be from Kerala. It is not known whether the name Blvamangala Leelasuka is his original name or the name given later, by this teacher. There is a popular story that Bilvamangala became a Krishna devotee due to the help of a prostitute named, Chintamani – who was a staunch Krishna devotee, and she pushed him to turn his mind from baser sense enjoyments to the highest devotion towards the Lord. There is a popular Telugu movie also based on this story. Apparently, he was a great scholar and has written many books, but he became famous because of this work on Shree Krishna karnaamrutam. His guru was Eshaanadeva of Somagiri. He starts this text by offering his salutations to both devotee-prostitute, Chitaamani, and to his guru Eshaanadeva.
chintaamaNerjayatu somagirirgururmeshikshaaguru scha bhagavaan shikhipinchhamouLiH|yat paada kalpataru pallava shekhareshuleelaa swayamvara rasam labhate jayashreeH||
ChintaamaneH – acknowledging the role of the devotee-prostitute (veshya) Chintamani, for diverting his mind from lower forms of love to love divine, (some claim that chintamaNi is only adjective for his guru), Jayatu - may she be blessed with the highest goal in life, or Chintaamani Somagiri me guruH – my teacher who is Somagiri who blesses everyone like the precious stone, Chintaamani; jayatu. Also all my teachers who taught me all that I know – shikshaa guru cha, Bhagavan shakhipinchamouLi – Lord Krishna crowned with peacock feather – jayatu – be glorious. Yat paada kalpataru pallava shekhareshu – whose delicate steps are like the delicate leaves of kalpataruvu (a divine tree that blesses all the devotees with what they deserve), leela swayamvara rasam labhate jayashreeH – one who blesses by his own choice those who surrender to him to that teacher – let him be glorious. Here the teacher and the Lord Krishna are not differentiated.  Since Upanishad says the Lord himself became many, glory of the Lord as the manifestation of the glory of the creation itself. It is similar to invocation of sarve bhavantu sukhinaH … of Bri. Up. sloka. Let all be happy.. etc.
He ends the book – with the prayer that Lord Krishna bless this composition and destroy the sins of all those who are devoted to him.  

With prostrations to this great poet, we conclude our short selected versus from Shree Krishna Karnaamrutam.-----------------------
A request to those who enjoyed reading this short version of my account on Shree Krishna Karnaamrutam, which I started as an offering to the Lord during this Krishna Jayanti. I wish to publish this in a small booklet form with the appropriate appealing pictures of the Lord Krishna on one side, and the episode on the other. The purpose is to invoke devotion in the minds of those who study the text. Since Lord pictures are there, quality paper would help. If anyone would like to take up this project as a kainkaryam or offering to the Lord, please communicate with me privately. Those who have prior experience in publishing are particularly welcome. Otherwise, if you want to contribute towards the publication, let me know. The proceedings of this publication will be given back to the little Krishnas, around the world, who need help; and will be done via non-profit organization.  The text may require editing to remove irritating typos, missing articles, and any grammatical errors, and proper transliteration, since I am not expert in any of these. 

Hari Om!Sadananda 

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