[Advaita-l] What To teach and What To Learn

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Essential of the birth in human form is search for spirit , self, atman and mingle with prakriti 
The chakra of where one lands after departure of body rests on our search for that unknown atman - immortality ??
Be good to others is what many would consider the ultimate in realization of self
Our ancient scholars -- wonderful thoughts
Why so much chaos in the wonderland that is Indus nations ?

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> On Jul 2, 2016, at 11:16 PM, sreenivasa murthy <narayana145 at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> Dear Readers, Sri Shankara says :yAvadEva  hi  sthANAviva puruShabuddhiM   dvaitalakShaNAmavidyaM  nivartayan  kUTasthanitya-dRuksvarUpam  AtmAnam  “ahaMbrahmAsmi” iti na  prtipadyatE  tAvat jIvasya  jIvatvam  | yadA  tu dEhEMdriya-manO-buddhi-saMGAtAt  vyutthApya SrutyA pratiboDhyatE  “ nAsi tvaM dEhEMdriyamanObuddhisaMGAtaM,  nAsi saMsArI,  kiM  tarhi tad yatsatyam  sa  AtmA caitanya-mAtra-svarUpaH  tat  tvamasi” iti  tadA  kUTastha-nitya-dRuksvarUpam   AtmAnaM pratibuddhya  asmAt  SarIrAdyaBimAnAt samuttiShThan  sa Eva kUTastha-nitya-dRuksvarUpaH AtmA  Bavati  | “ sa  yO  ha vai  tat  paramaM brahma  vEda  brahmaiva Bavati” (muMDaka3-2-3) ityAdi  SrtiByaH  | tadEva  ca asya  pAramArthikaM svarUpaM  yEna  SarIrAt samutthAya  svEna  rUpENa aBIniShpadyate ||[Commentary to BrahmasUtra 1-3-19]
> In the above passage in very clear terms Sri Shankara  has pointed out what a Vedanta teacher has to teach and what has to be  cognized by a mumukShu within himself by 
> himself .
> Why not devote our time and energy for the purrpose as stated by Sri Shankara instead of wasting one's energy and time in discussions which have no bearing upon Atmajnana? Please permit me to draw your kind attention to mantra 2-2-5 0f Mundaka upanishad ? The translation of mantra is given below :      " In Him are woven heaven, earth, and the space between, and the mind with all sense-organs. Know that non-dual Atman alone and give up all other talk. He is the bridge to Immortality." Should we not heed to the advice of the mother Sruti? Please onder over and come to the right decision.
>   I trust that Sri Shankara's advice will be listened by interested readers and will give a serious thought to it.
> With respectful namaskarams,Sreenivasa Murthy

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