[Advaita-l] kuNDalinI vidyA in veda-s

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Some people say the Kundalini Sakti is in serpent form and it is Mansa
Devi only. In Devi Bhagavata story of Mansa Devi is given in 9 -47 and
9-48. She is mother of Astika. He stopped the Snake Sacrifice of

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> Namaste,
> First of all would like to clarify that my knowledge of kuNDalinI is
> from second hand sources, books, Internet etc.
> However, I do strongly believe that veda-s are primarily talking only
> about the different aspects of kuNDalinI, nADI-s, chakras and their
> relation to various aspects of our life.
> There is every reason to suspect that the first mantra of Rig veda will
> talk in brief about the purpose of the entire veda. Now, consider the
> first three words of the first mantra of Rig Veda
> agnim IDe purohitam: I would interpret this as : agni which is related
> to idA nADI is the foremost of the tattva-s that looks after our
> well being. In other words, agni of veda-s is nothing but the agni of
> kuNDalinI vidyA.
> So it is not that kuNDalinI vidyA is mentioned in veda-s, veda-s ARE
> ABOUT kuNDalinI vidyA ONLY.
> Hari OM.
> Regards,
> Shrinivas Gadkari
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