[Advaita-l] Sons known after their Mothers' names

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Wed Jul 6 07:32:24 CDT 2016

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> Subrahmanym ji,
> The very fact that Jabala Satyakama episode has been specially mentioned
> in such detail in Ch.Up.
> shows that an issue exists in the story.
> If Satyakama was a regular son of a brahman and brahmani couple it is
> something common and normal and the
> Ch.Up. has no necessity to mention it because mentioning it in such detail
> will be superfluous.

The aim of extolling 'truth' would not be served if the story had not been

> Jabala has no necessity of mentioning her service to many in her youth as
> the cause of her not knowing her son's gotra.

There is nothing in the story to conclude as above.



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