[Advaita-l] sarvAtma bhAva as explained by Bhagavatpada

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 08:21:21 CDT 2016

Sri *श्रीमल्ललितालालितः**  Ji,  *

*Pranams.  I wish to clarify that my question was different. I am reframing
my question based on your response. *

*You observe  *

*<< *The samAdhAna hints that the person must have some degree of control
of mind, by the grace of dhyAna, etc. So, according to such a view, if
GYAnI just continues shravaNa, etc. it will make him brahmasaMstha. The
brahmasaMsthA is same as jIvanmukti. >>.

I had understood that a GYAnI needs to continue only with निदिध्यासन
 (nididhyāsana) and not shravaNa and manana to make him a brahmasaMstha or
jIvanmukta. I had also understood that the subject matter for this
निदिध्यासन (nididhyāsana) subsequent to GYAna would be different as
compared to the subject matter for the  निदिध्यासन (nididhyāsana) prior to
GYAna. And my question was whether दृष्टिसृष्टिप्रक्रिया /
एकजीवप्रक्रिया (dṛṣṭisṛṣṭiprakriyā
/ ekajīvaprakriyā) would be the appropriate one for the निदिध्यासन
 (nididhyāsana) subsequent to GYAna.

In other words my question is as follows.

<<  Would it be appropriate to consider ONLY a GYAni to be the adhikAri
 for दृष्टिसृष्टिप्रक्रिया / एकजीवप्रक्रिया (dṛṣṭisṛṣṭiprakriyā /
ekajīvaprakriyā) to make him a brahmasaMstha or jIvanmukta. And it is not
meant for  one who is only a sAdhana-chatuShTya sampannah  but  desires to
become a GYAni.>>

Pranams and Regards


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