[Advaita-l] Antaryāmī is Nirupādhika Brahman - Shankara

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Antaryāmī is Nirupādhika Brahman - Shankara

In the bhāṣya shown below, Shankara characterizes the 'antaryāmī' as
non-different from the nirupādhika Brahman, also known as Nirguna Brahman:

Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad Bhāṣya  4.3. introduction:

यथा रज्जूषरशुक्तिकागगनादिषु सर्पोदकरजतमलिनत्वादि परोपाध्यारोपणनिमित्तमेव, न
स्वतः, तथा ;* निरुपाधिको* निरुपाख्यः नेति नेतीति व्यपदेश्यः
साक्षादपरोक्षात्सर्वान्तरः आत्मा ब्रह्म अक्षरम् *अन्तर्यामी* प्रशास्ता औपनिषदः
पुरुषः विज्ञानमानन्दं ब्रह्मेत्यधिगतम् ।
Translation by Swami Madhavananda:
// It suffers transmigration owing to adventitious
limiting adjuncts, as for instance the appearance of a
rope, a desert, a mother-of-pearl, and the sky as a
snake, water, silver and blue respectively, is due to the
superimposition of foreign elements, not intrinsically.
But devoid of the limiting adjuncts, it is known as indefinable, to be
described only as 'Not this, not this,' the Brahman that is immediate and
direct, the self that is within all, the Immutable, the Internal
Ruler, the mighty
Ruler, the Being who is to be known only through the Upaniṣads, Knowledge,
Bliss and Brahman.//
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