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A discussion, in Sanskrit medium, is to be held at the N.R.Colony Rāyara
Maṭha, Bengaluru, tomorrow, Sunday, 10th, July 2016. The topic of the
discussion is a work 'Prameyachandrikā'  of the Dvaita school and the
Advaitic work 'Shānkara pāda bhūṣaṇam' that followed it. The program is for
one day only, starting at 8.30 AM.

This is for the information of jijñāsus and śāstrārtha rasikas.

The sabhā is organized by Vidwan Sri Ruchirāchārya of Bangalore and will be
attended by Vidwan Sri Mani Dravid Sāstriṇah and Vidwan Dr.Maheswaran
Namboodiri of Chennai.


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