[Advaita-l] Dvaita Accepts Body Adhyāsa

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In the article posted, there are several misreading while posing the

In page 3 of the article, the objector ask the question --


Now, the question that is all-important is: Is the body in the above
‘body-adhyāsa’ a real entity or not? If it is the former, then we have the
further question: How does one (jivātmā, which Sri Vijayadhvaja Tirtha says
is ‘chidānanda svarūpa’) come to have the mistaken identity with the body
which is inert, prakṛtikāryam? The Bhāgavatam and Sri Vijayadhvaja Tirtha
say that the body is ‘kalpitam.’ Going by the definition of Sri Jayatirtha
above, the body has to be admitted to be ‘atyanta asat’ (substituted for


Sri. Vijayadhvaja Tirtha (also Bhagavatam) does not say body is 'kalpitaM'.
What is being said is kalpitam is the 'identity' of self with the body, not
the body itself.

Please read Page 2 point 2 --


2. The body is kalpitam as non-different, abhedena, avivekena, due to
non-discrimination from the jīva (ātman)


It is very clear from the above is that what is kalpitam part is the
notion/idea of non-difference of body from self. Not the body itself.

Rest of the objection in that article can be rejected as it was constructed
on wrong reading of original texts. Dvaita does not accept body is adhyAsa.
In fact in the school the body is very much real (but temporary) and needed
for saadhana.


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> Dvaita Accepts Body Adhyāsa
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