[Advaita-l] Dvaita Accepts Body Adhyāsa

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> Even if you say that bhrama is anAdi it only means it co-exist with jIva
> from anAdi and jIva never acquired it afresh. This only means such bhrama
> must be self-same nature (svabhAva) of jIva, for the reason one will not
> call something which acquired later as svbhAva. This logically leads to the
> conclusion that you cannot get rid of self-same nature bhrama without
> destroying the the very dharmi chaitanya itself. This means that chaitanya
> never can realize it is indeed Brahman.

You are saying as if the Bhrama is really there in the Self. If it is
really there in Self it will be Svabhava.

But if Bhrama is not really there it cannot be Svabhava. This should
be realized by Jiva by Mahavakya like Tat Tvam Asi. He will realize
Bhrama was not there at all.

> Btw, one wonders why does advaitins interested in anAdi argument when time
> itself is mithya according to them? In other words, notion of "time" is not
> possible unless you have adhyAsa. You cannot have adhyAsa from anAdi times
> argument unless you have notion of "time".

Time is existing only for Vyavaharika purposes. The instruction of
Guru is happening in Vyavhara only. Therefore we accept time. But in
Brahman stage there is no time.

> /sv



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