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> Btw, one wonders why does advaitins interested in anAdi argument when
> time itself is mithya according to them? In other words, notion of "time"
> is not possible unless you have adhyAsa. You cannot have adhyAsa from anAdi
> times argument unless you have notion of "time".

The pramāṇa for Advaitins for the anāditva of mithyā/māyika samsāra is:

 अनादिमायया सुप्तो यदा जीवः प्रबुध्यते ।
अजमनिद्रमस्वप्नमद्वैतं बुध्यते तदा ॥ १६ ॥

of the Mānḍūkya upanishad.  For advaitins this māyā is mithyā because it is
'overcome', 'māyām etām taranti te' of the BG. That māyā has an end is also
taught by the shruti - bhūyaśchānte viśvamāyānivṛttiḥ (shve.up.).

The jīva is in samsāra not because Ishwara has willed that to be so
('iśwarecchā), but because of māyā, the deluding power.

Since it is māyika, it is not real and does not constitute the svarupa of
the jiva.  As it is anirvachaniya, the questions like how the first body
identification came about, whether that body is real, who created that
body, etc. do not arise.

When the upaniśadic self-knowledge is had, it will be realized that māyā
along with its effects was not, is not and will not be.


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