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On Tue, 12 Jul 2016, Shrinivas Gadkari via Advaita-l wrote:

> - Regarding other dvIpa-s, we have two options, (a) discard this as
> fantasy, or (b) be open to the possibility that these are earth-like
> planets somewhere in the universe.

There is a third possibility I think.  The clue is that the Bhagavata 
gives a mantra for each dvipa. Also 5th skandha contains the story of 
Jadabharata who is widely regarded within the Advaitic tradition and 
without as an epitome of a Yogi.  (Even amongst the Jains though they put 
their own spin on the story.)  So could it be that the 5th skandha is to 
be read as a yogashastra?  We are familiar with the metaphysical system of 
seven chakras arranged vertically down the spinal column (which can be 
identified by Mt. Meru as you noted. Other geographical features are 
associated with body parts too.) What if instead we imagine them as 
radiating outwards?  Then lokaloka would be the boundary between the 
ego-self and the all-self.

Some food for thought perhaps.

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