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avidya or Ignorance has to be anaadi - I am = this, is ahankaara or ego. This starting from body comes under kshetram  and knower of ksheram  is khetrajna and Krishna says in the final analysis - I am kshetrajna in all kshetras. 

I am the knower of my body and I am a conscious entity unlike the body which is kshetram. While transacting -I switch from - this is my body (mamakaara) to I am the body (ahankaara).   Thus taking myself what I am not is due to error or adhyaasa and that is due to ignorance which has to be anaadi. Just as my ignorance of Chemistry is anaadi but can end when I learn Chemistry
Now from the title of these discussion, - dvaita accepts body Adhyaasa - How does that matter if dvaita accepts or not. Truth does not depend on someone acceptance. 

advaitam chaturtam manyante sa aatmaa -sa vijneyaH. 
Those who are not convinced about the nature of reality - let them be -  Variety is the part of Vibhuti of the Lord
In the final analysis - Dattatreya says - Iswaranugrahat eva pumsaam advaita vaasanaa 
Should we care if Dwiata accepts deha adhyaasa or not?

My 2c
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Yes, that is what is said but only with the prefix 'aanādi.'.  This is t
keep in view that the ādhyāsika samsāra is characterized by experiencing
happiness and misery for which one cannot trace the cause in 'that'
particular life and the shāstra teaches about the earlier lives.  Hence
anādi is a necessary mponent of adhyāsa. That is why the shruti says



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