[Advaita-l] Understanding Reality in the Vision of Advaita Vedanta

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A very good article and I congratulate you for making this fruitful effort
to present advaita.
But logic goes only so far and always there is a point at which one has to
say goodbye to logic.
The statement "I am conscious" immediately brings in the question "Of
what?". The existence of
consciousness needs an object to be conscious of. You can not say "I am
conscious of myself"
because it implies two objects yourself and an entity which is conscious of
yourself. At this point
language and logic which are invented by us for communication based on our
daily experience fail.
That is why Mandukyopanishat says

नान्तःप्रज्ञं न बहिष्प्रज्ञं नोभयतः प्रज्ञं न प्रज्ञानघनं न प्रज्ञं

Not conscious of inside, not conscious of outside, not conscious of both,
not consciousness solidified,
not conscious, not unconscious,...


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> Dear friends,
> the following article explains the vedAntic categories satyam, asat and
> mithyA. The article is titled "Understanding Reality in the Vision of
> Advaita Vedanta".
> I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
> https://ia801507.us.archive.org/10/items/UnderstandingReality_201607/01_Understanding_Reality_en.pdf
> Comments are welcome!
> kind regards
> Wolfgang P
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