[Advaita-l] Deprecating foreign scholars is not Hindu tradition

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Jyotisha is a Vedanga mentioned in the Vedas itself. The same knowledge has
gone all over the world through migrators and travelers, including Greeks.
Not all of it survived in India due to invasions and targeted destruction
of all works of knowledge. In addition to that background, Yavanacharya or
Yavanas referred to are those that learned jyotisha in India during the
time they were here or from Vedic works. It doesn't mean that they were the
originators of the knowledge.

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> Since Hindu Astronomy at that time was not upto the mark our astronomers
> borrowed from Yavanas. Nothing becomes automatically right just because it
> is
> propounded by a Hindu.
> Usually a latter commentator contradicts a former commentator's point of
> view.
> It is unreasonable to say that the latter commentator has no right to
> contradict the former.
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