[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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>>  logic.
>> Btw, sad-asad-vilaxaNam for this jagat best fits in Dvaita model. This
>> jagat is *different* from asat such as hare's horn on the grounds that it
>> is a valid pratIti or pramA jnyAna in Brhamn. at the same time this jagat
>> is also *different* from sat (Brahman) on the grounds of it's dependency.
> The jagat in dvaita is dependent for its very sattā, on Brahman.  The
> phenomenon of one object depending on another  for its very existence is
> found only in rope-snake analogy.
Rope-Snake analogy does not represent dependent reality. Satta by
definition is an ontological category. The so called "snake" in your
illusion is an epistemological error (brAnti) and not an ontological

Best example is -- if one is holding a pot in his hand from eternal times,
pot's existence in terms of its stithi to continue to exist, is quite
depends on you and your wish to sustain it. If you ignore (upEkSha) the
pot, it cease to exist. Of course, pot's sristi is not at all depends on
you. In this area, there is no example other than God Himself.

That exactly is the idea of pAratantra satta as echoed in Bhagavata :

dravyakarma ca kalaSca svabhAvo jIva eva ca yadanugrahatah santi na santi
yadupekShaya || (2.10.12)

Dravya, action, time, svabhAva, jIva, all exist by the grace of God; if He
neglects them they cease to exist.


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