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There is one more joke. Modern children have no knowledge of
Raamaayana. They are looking at Superman, Batman and other cartoon
films only. Once Education minister went a school classroom and asked
one student 'Who broke Siva's Bow?' The student was very scared and
said 'Sir I did not break it'. Then the Minister asked another student
and another student and every student in the class. Everybody said I
did not break it. Then he asked the teacher. The teacher also said 'I
did not break it.' At the end he asked the Principal also. He said
'Sir. You are making a serious allegation against us. This school is
not responsible for breaking Siva's bow'. The Minister said 'I will
come back in two days. You have to tell me who broke Siva's bow. If
you don't tell me we will take action on you.'

The Principal was very worried and told his problem to his wife. The
wife also became very worried and the told her old illiterate maid
servant. The maid servant laughed and said All you people don't know
Raamaayana it is a pity. Sri Raama broke Siva's bow.

On Fri, May 6, 2016 at 9:37 AM, Bhaskar YR via Advaita-l
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> Moreover Sita never complained about Rama's decision of her banishment to anyone neither she complained to lalshmana nor to valmkki nor to any sages, then it must be clear that sita knows what Rama had done is raja-dharma alone. With our CURRENT limits of judgemental capabilities and with our CURRENT levels of dharma-knowledge we are no one to question that epitome of human form.of dharma viz. Rama whom neither a human, nor a rishi nor his preceptor nor his parents have hailed as dharma's form rather it was a rakshasa "mArIcha" am enemy of Rama who was once hit by Rama, spoke the testimonial about him saying "rAmau vigrahavAn dharmaH". Such a phrase coming from an enemy's mouth carries huge weight!
> That makes a huge difference my dear friend! That makes a huge difference, I repeat!
> So, when sita had no problem we are not supposed to file FIRs and cases against Rama or Valmiki for his Uttara Kanda. :-)
> praNAms Sri Santosh prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Just on the lighter vein, after reading all these different narrations one can say  ‘rAma rAjya’ was not ‘rAma rAjya’ that what we assume (no problem at all whatsoever for any one, like) ☺ A washer man has the misunderstanding of his own king’s attitude, there was ‘dAmpatya kalaha’ in rAma rajya and one of the praja-s of the rAma rAjya doubting the chastity of his queen mAta  seeta  and there was ‘seeta mAta vedana/suffering’ though she was as pure as ‘fire’.  And after Lava-Kusha janana mAta seeta never have the opportunity to live with her husband rAma.  When rAma repented and came to Ashrama to take back seeta, mAta seeta ‘bhUmi putri’ has gone back to her original abode i.e. inside the earth after handing over her twins to rAma.  Sorry, I have not read the vAlmeeki rAmAyaNa completely to make this claim.  Just I saw these episodes in a Telugu movie : lava- kusha ☺
> And finally, there was a question on rAmAyaNa in a college, lecturer asked the students :  Why lakshmaNa cut the nose of shUrpanaki, why rAvaNa abducted seeta, why rAma sent seeta to forest?? Etc.  one of the students very politely answered :  Sir, these are all rAma’s family’s personal matters, we should not poke our nose into it!! ☺
> Kindly pardon me the nuisance during the course of serious discussion.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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