[Advaita-l] Shankara and DrishTi-SrishTi vAda

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Namaste Sri Venkatraghavan

The point is that the waking state cannot be held to be any more real than
> the dream state.

Here is an additional reference from Brih Upa bhAshya 2.1.18, supporting
this stance, which may be of interest..

तस्मात् स्वप्ने मृषाध्यारोपिता एव आत्मभूतत्वेन लोका अविद्यमाना एव सन्तः ;
तथा जागरितेऽपि — इति प्रत्येतव्यम् । तस्मात् विशुद्धः अक्रियाकारकफलात्मको
विज्ञानमय इत्येतत्सिद्धम् । यस्मात् दृश्यन्ते द्रष्टुर्विषयभूताः
क्रियाकारकफलात्मकाः कार्यकरणलक्षणा लोकाः, तथा स्वप्नेऽपि, तस्मात् अन्योऽसौ
दृश्येभ्यः स्वप्नजागरितलोकेभ्यो द्रष्टा विज्ञानमयो विशुद्धः ॥

 Therefore in dreams, worlds that never exist are falsely superimposed as
being a part of the self. *One must know the worlds experienced in the
waking state also to be such.* Hence it goes without saying that the self
is pure, and is never connected with action, its factors and its results.
Since in both waking and dream states we observe that the gross and subtle
worlds consisting of action, its.factors and its results are but objects
for the seer, therefore that seer, the self, is different from its objects,
the worlds perceived in those states, and is pure. [ Translation from Sw

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> Venkatraghavan
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>>>>> I was asked about the apparent refutation of DrishTi-SrishTi vAda in
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>>>>> paper that discusses this.
>>>>> http://www.mediafire.com/download/4q9e6s9a99k9rye/Shankaracharya_and_Drishti_Srishti_Vada_4-May-2016.pdf
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