[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Sankara Shows the Right Path for Everybody

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Tue May 10 14:50:40 CDT 2016

 Happy Sankara Jayanthi!
(Around the beginning of the month, a nugget of Wisdom from the Jagadguru may be posted
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Bhagavan incarnates in every yuga for the protection of dharma and
removal of adharma. The most important among these incarnations is
the avatar as Sankara Bhagavatpadacharya.
Adi Sankara rendered the greatest service to mankind by removing the
enemies, such as greed and enmity, from the mind of man and showing
him the moksha marga (path to salvation). He postulated sadhanas for
each and everyone in accordance with his competence and needs.
The definition of guru as one who has clearly understood the
intricacies of the sastras and toils for the welfare of the disciples ideally
fits Adi Sankara.
Though 12 centuries have elapsed since his incarnation, his upadesa
(advice) has relevance even to this day for all of us. He emphasised that
the main task for a man is to come out of transmigration by breaking
the cycle of birth and death.
 त्वरितं किं कर्तव्यं विदुषाम् संसार सन्ततिच्छेदः |
 tvaritaM kiM kartavyaM viduShAm.h sa.nsAra santatichChedaH .
To the question of what is the seed for the tree of moksha, he said
Atma jnana and its proper use.
 किं मोक्षतरोर्बीजं सम्यक्ज्ञानं क्रियासिद्धम् |
 kiM moxatarorbIjaM samyakj~nAnaM kriyAsiddham.h .
He has taught many such things in the form of questions and answers.
One who qualifies himself to read and understand his bhashyas and
prakarana granthas will clearly understand many subtle and intricate
matters. Attachment to untruth will wither away. Totally immersed in
the truth, his mind will attain moksha.
Therefore, we advise everybody to meditate upon Sankara
Bhagavatpada, who showed the proper path for man's salvation, and
observe his Jayanti meticulously.

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