[Advaita-l] Shankara and DrishTi-SrishTi vAda - eka jeeva vaada

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Namaste Krishnamoorthy ji,

On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 8:48 PM, R Krishnamoorthy <srirudra at gmail.com>

> It is not logical as it says Brahman has become the only jiiva.
ekajIvavAda is endorsed by even juggernaut of the order of Madhusudhana
Sarasvati, the author of Advaita Siddhi, whose usage of logic even the
logicians themselves feared! So one can say that I do not understand the
logic used, but to say that it is not logical is not right. Perhaps, this
is what you too mean with your closing statement.

> In upanishads it is said Brahman desired to be many.
First off, you are mixing the prakrIyA from SDV. Even there, the jIva also
desires to become many and therefore becomes *as if* many during svapna.
Are those svapna jIvas many? Its only one, the same vishva who slept. In
DSV, the tarka used is svapnavat, for jAgRt also. Hence, logical.

> Akamayatha is the word used. The variety we see is used in upanishads to
> establish Brahman. The B. S. can be referred.
True, all varieties in Upanishads,etc, are used to establish brahman, not
the creation.

> Difficult to understand is used to politely say it is illogical. This is
> my thinking
The proponents are great people.
> We are not able to get correctly at what exactly they had in their minds.
> gurupAdukAbhyAm,

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