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Namaste Sri Bhaskar
My answers in line.

On 12 May 2016 10:01 a.m., "Bhaskar YR" <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:
> praNAms Sri Venkatraghavan prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> >  I have some doubts with regard to this :
> (a)  how about unexpected stimulations and provocation from his / her own
imaginative world??  What was the explanation / justification can be given
to bhaya / Ashcharya etc. that can be araised due to interaction with his
own imaginative world?? If you say, even these stimulations/feelings etc.
too in the imagination of the eka jeeva the next question is :

Same way we encounter unexpected stimulations in dreams that create fear
and wonder in the dream.
> (b) whether this eka jeeva with 'knowing' creates his world & suffers
from his own imaginative world  ??  I mean with complete knowledge of his
imaginative world he creates his world & subsequently suffers / enjoys it ??

Does the dreamer know he is creating a dream world, while dreaming? It's
only when he awakens he knows what he saw was only a dream. However real it
may have felt to him when dreaming, when he wakes up, the entire dream
world, his status of a dream world creator were just his imagination. Same
here, when the jeeva realises he was, is and ever will be Brahman, he
realises that the entire drishya prapancham is just an appearance that he
apparently created. Neither the appearance of the world or it's creation,
nor his status of creator are ultimately true.
> (c)  shankara says  Ishwara does  create as per the knowledge of his
pUrva srushti, whether this same rule applicable to jeeva also to declare
the jeeva is sarvajna in DSV ??

Please see Sri Anand Hudli ji's first email on the subject.
pUrvapUrvakalpitAvidyopahita uttarottarAvidyAkalpakaH
The samskAras that he had previously are his basis to apparently create the
appearance of the new world.

> (d)  During his interactions (transactions / vyavahAra) with his
imaginative world whether jeeva knows that he is doing vyavahAra with his
own imaginative world??
When dreaming does a dreamer know he is dreaming?

> (e)  And when we are saying jeeva assumes this world, who is declaring
that jeeva assuming / imagining the world??  Are we not objectifying jeeva
and saying that this jagat is jeeva's imagination??  Who is that person
objectifying the 'jeeva'??  whether this person is also another imagination
in somebody else's mind??  Who is this jeeva objectifying this jeeva and at
the same time accepting the sarvajnatvaM of that jeeva ??

You are the only jeeva.
>From Sri Anand's mail:
"tathAhi- yastvaM mAM prati bandhamokShavyavasthAM pRcchasi sa tvameka eva
sarvakalpanAdhiShThAnabhUtashcidekarasa AtmA, tvadanye muktA mucyamAnA
mokShyamANAshca sarve jIvAH tvadavidyayA svapna iva kalpitAH

To you who ask us about the scheme of the bound and liberated, (we say) you
alone are that jIva, the source of imagination of the entire world, wholly
the essence of Consciousness, Atman. Other than you, the liberated, being
liberated, and going to be liberated jIvas are all creations of your avidyA
like in a dream."

> (f)  And most important question is whether DSV is as propagated whether
has the compliance with shruti , yukti and anubhava??  Shruti with regard
to avasthAtraya , yukti with regard to svapna & jAgrat prapancha, yukti
with regard to utilities of vyAvahArika and svapna prapancha contextually
differ from different perspective.  So, can we categorically say DSV is the
ultimate siddhAnta in shankara's Advaita vedAnta??  If yes, more than 80%
of shruti, sUtra and geeta would go for a big toss as major portion of it
dealing with srushti, Ishwara, karma, pancheekaraNa, trivrutkaraNa,
upAsana, karma, varNashrama,  etc. etc.

If we are going to decide the validity of a piece of knowledge and / or
it's pramANa by what % of the pramANa is set aside after that pramANa
reveals that knowledge - after one realises they are Brahman, 100% of the
shruti can be set aside - as its purpose is served and is no longer needed.
So is mokshA to be denied by that logic? Any pramANa is valid only for the


> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar

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