[Advaita-l] Father of Lord Gouropada.

Shashwata Shastri shashwata.unimas at gmail.com
Mon May 16 07:37:09 CDT 2016

I was reading the preface of Advaitya Siddhi. While reading it, I came upon an 
interesting statement. The commentator " Sri Jogendranath Tarka Tirtha" stated 
that Lord Gouropada was the son of Chaya-Suka (shadow suka who was created in 
order to alleviate the dolor of Krishna Dvaipayana by Lord Mahadeva)   
according to Devi Vagabatam. Is this statement true? Can anyone please provide 
me the exact reference from Devi Vagabatam? 

Best Regards, 

Shashwata Chowdhury

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