[Advaita-l] Shankara and DrishTi-SrishTi vAda - eka jeeva vaada

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Namaste Sri Chandramouliji,

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> > Is it the contention that liberation is possible ultimately ONLY through
> > DSV ? I have not come across such a claim anywhere else. Or is it the
> > contention that DSV is superior to SDV ?  If yes question arises in what
> > way ? Ultimate result is the same for both. Namely Liberation. And
there is
> > no difference in the nature of such Liberation.

Sri Anand ji should confirm his view, but I certainly don't hold any of the
above opinions.

I do think it is a more difficult view to accept, as it flies in the face
of everyday experience. It requires one to have a tremendous amount of
viveka/vairAgya to live by this view. However, that in itself doesn't make
it better or worse than other prakriyAs. Whatever works for the student is

> > While DSV may need a more astute intellect to understand and assimilate,
> > there is surely no need for other sAdhakAs who do not subscribe to DSV
> > feel that they are really missing something essential in their sAdhana
> > sticking to SDV alone.


> > DSV is just another prakriya leading to the final sidhAnta just like
> > other prakriyAs leading to the same result. Its utility for sAdhakAs
> > following other prakriyAs could lie in the fact that many of the yuktIs
> > employed therein could also be very useful in understanding better the
> > other prakriyAs. That is all. Converse also is perhaps true. It is best
> > that the sAdhaka follows in principle any one particular prakriyA
> > to his temperament as recommended by his Guru.No need to worry about
> > ignorance or nonunderstanding of the alternate prakriyAs.
> >
> >
> >
> > I am bringing up this issue specifically as I find many posts implying
> > such apprehension.
> >

If any of my posts convey that meaning, I wanted to clarify that is not my
intention. I just found this an interesting topic, and hence brought it up
for discussion.


> > Regards
> >
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