[Advaita-l] Shankara and DrishTi-SrishTi vAda - eka jeeva vaada

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Wed May 18 07:59:06 CDT 2016

Dear Sri Anand Ji,

Thanks for the clarification. Your observation

<< There are many prakriyAs for this preparation, with the caveat that
not all of them are suitable for all the people. Some may seem to be
shortcuts, but they are immensely difficult for common people.
dRShTi-sRShTi-vAda is one of them.>>

confirms that SDV can also lead to the Goal and DSV is not compulsory for
the same though it could be a shortcut to reach the Goal.

Reg your observation

<< Commenting on
the nRsiMhottaratApanIya upaniShad text, "ihedaM sarvaM dRShTvA",
VidyAraNya says,"iha pratyagAtmani idaM sarvaM jagaccharIracatuShTayarUpaM
dRShTvA sRShTvA dRShTireva hi sRShTiH ityarthaH", thus accepting the
dRShTireva sRShTiH principle.  >>,


<< Again, in his summary called the
brihadAraNyakabhAShyavArtikasAra, VidyAraNya says darshana is itself sRShTi:
yena yad dRshyate tattu tena sRShTaM svakarmaNA|
dRshyasya bhrAntirUpatvAt darshanaM sRShTirucyate|| >>

 It may be noticed that there is no mention of either jiva or Brahman
endowed with avidya assuming jivahood as the Creator. Can this citation not
then be considered as SDV itself similar to the Bhashya as for example on

स ईक्षत लोकान्नु सृजा इति ॥ स इमांल्लोकानसृजत । (sa IkSata lokAnnu sRjA iti
|| sa imAMllokAnasRjata | ) ( aitareya )

and similar srishti statements in other shrutis.

In the anubhUtiprakAsha does Swami Vidyaranya specifically mention the DSV
by name in the context of what you have cited from that work or is it a
conclusion based on the words used  in the quotes. A confirmation would be
helpful as it is indeed difficult to take a view in the absence of the full
context. This is not to doubt your judgement but only to be assured that
other possible understandings ( as for example in the first observation
above ) can be eliminated.

Incidentally it is noticed that in none of the quotes cited from the
vivaraNa school EJV is mentioned at all. Do they consider DSV and EJV as

Pranams and Regards


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