[Advaita-l] Shankara and DrishTi-SrishTi vAda - eka jeeva vaada

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Thu May 19 09:33:03 CDT 2016

Sri Anand Ji,

I must confess that I do not know anything about the credentials of the
author of the quote I cited. I am only keen on confirmation about the
conformance of EJV with Sri Bhagavatpada Sidhanta. That is all.

Pranams and Regards

On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 7:36 PM, H S Chandramouli <hschandramouli at gmail.com>

> Dear Sri Anand Ji,
> Sorry for bothering you again.
> I came across the following statement in one of the reviews on the EJV
> advanced by Sri  PrakAshAnanda.
> << It is clear that in following the *Yoga*-*Vasishtha* in this regard
> *Prakasananda* makes a departure from the *Advaita* tradition handed down
> from *Sankaracharya*.  While both *Prakasananda* and the *Yoga*-
> *Vasishtha* deny the existence of objects when not perceived,
> *Sankaracharya* not only admits their existence but also holds that they
> exist in the same form in which they are known*.  Sri Sankara’s* views on
> the matter are clearly set forth in his commentary on*Brahma*-*sutra*,
> II.2.28.  His refutation of the *Buddhistic* school of *Vijnanavada* in
> his commentary on the same sutra applies as well to *Prakasananda*’*s*
> *drishti-srishti-vada*.>>.
> Nodoubt this goes against the view that EJV is accepted by the author of
> Vivarana and also Sri Vidyaranya Swami. However are there any differing
> views on this? Is it generally accepted by all advaitins that EJV is
> consistent with the doctrine advanced by Sri Bhagavatpada?
> I would be grateful for a confirmation.
> Pranams and Regards
> On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 12:30 PM, H S Chandramouli <
> hschandramouli at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear Sri Anand Ji,
>> Thank you very much for the clarifications.
>> Pranams and Regards

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