[Advaita-l] Shankara and DrishTi-SrishTi vAda - eka jeeva vaada

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Sun May 22 09:54:49 CDT 2016

>The Sidhanta is that Realization is possible ONLY through mahAvAkya
>upadEsha by the Guru. From what I can gather from the responses, we seem to
>be concluding that such an upadEsha is not needed after all. Anyway each of
>us have our own understandings. But frankly I am surprised at the
>responses. Ofcourse I would be very grateful for a response from Sri Anand
>Ji as well before concluding.

There is no doubt upadesha by the Guru is required. It is only a matter of
emphasis as to what the emphasized pada among "tat tvam asi" is. If one
subscribes to the DSV/EJV, then the emphasis is on "tvam", not so much on
"tat", because the inquirer is the one who is the creator of this
"prAtItikI sRShTi", the jagatkartA paramAtmA as VidyAraNya says in the
anubhUti prakAsha (quoted earlier). In that sense, understanding the "tvam"
pada becomes important and is said to be a shortcut, instead of trying to
understand the concepts of Ishvara, Hiranyagarbha, multiple avidyAs, jIvas,
etc. and the process of creation as described in sRShTi-dRShTi-vAda.  It is
*conceptually* so simple that even a boy can quickly understand it as
VidyAraNya says. There is no need to worry about who  created this world,
what was the process of creation, etc. The standard answer is: "you created
this just you create your dream world."  As Shri Praveenji stated, the key
word is "svapnavat"; there is no difference between the dream and waking
states. All doubts and questions that arise can be answered with
"svapnavat", as appayya dIkShita says in the SLS, "atra ca
saMbhAvita-sakala-shaMkA-paMkaprakShAlanaM svapnadRShTAntasaliladhArayaiva


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